Apple Watch Series 4 Vs Series 3, 44 / 42 mm Vs 40 / 38mm Size Comparison

The Apple Watch frequently appears in our list of the best smartwatches, and for good reason: It has a vivid, reversible display, offline music playback, an integrated heart rate sensor, and a plethora of apps that make the most of all its features. Apple no longer sells the Apple Watch Series 4, however the Series 3 and Series 5 are still available. Although the Series 4 is still offered by some internet merchants, it is only worthwhile to buy if the price falls below $399. Lets know what is the difference between Apple Watch 42 vs 44 mm in this article.

Apple Watch 42 vs 44 mm band size

Apple has raised the overall size of the two Apple Watch models it previously offered in addition to the visual change. As a result, the formerly 42mm watch is now 44mm, and the previously 38mm watch is now 40mm. Many have since pondered which watch to get and some have questioned whether a 44mm watch would simply be too huge to fit comfortably on their wrist while comparing the Apple Watch 42 vs 44 mm. Now that images of individuals contrasting the two sizes versus those they have replaced are starting to circulate online, it appears that the 44mm option is still the best choice if you previously preferred a 40mm.

The best course of action in this case, as with other watches, is to visit an Apple Store and try these things on if you are at all unsure. It’s almost impossible to tell how an Apple Watch will fit on your wrist until you actually wear one, but pictures provide an excellent approximation.

Which Apple Watch has a superior appearance and feel?

At first sight, the Apple Watch Series 4 and its predecessor appear to have the same basic design elements: a square watch face with rounded corners, interchangeable bands, and a selection of metal finishes in two sizes. We must look more closely in order to see the distinctions.


The Series 4 has a smaller shell, but its screen is really 32% and 35% bigger than the larger apple watch 42 in comparison of Apple Watch 42 vs 44 mm. In contrast to the thicker bezels and square corners of the Series 3, the screen on the Apple Watch 4 is 40mm in size and stretches almost to the edge. This implies that you’ll have more finger room on the 4 to enter in your passcode. Additionally, there are additional watch faces available.

Additional Screen

The Series 4 makes use of the additional screen space by increasing the number of watch complications on certain of the watch faces, allowing you to quickly examine more data.


When securely squeezed around the wrist, the Series 4 feels more at ease. The electrical heart sensor now surrounds a single dot that was once the optical heart rate sensor. Together with a second electrode on the digital crown, that powers the EKG feature.

Band Size

In the Apple watch 42 vs 44 mm band you can see that watches still use the same size bands, so you can switch out for a completely different look, despite the tiny size difference.

Which Apple Watch offers a quicker, more streamlined experience?

Apple iPhone magsafe company claims that the 64-bit S4 processor in the Series 4 is twice as fast as the prior model. Theoretically, this should result in a somewhat speedier and smoother experience for you, but there is not much of a change for the majority of everyday chores, such as activity monitoring and alerts. The software and user experience should otherwise be the same.


42 mm  44 mm
Area 977 sq mm 759 sq mm
Size 448×368 pixels 394×324 pixels
Apple Band


3 3
GPS $279 $309
Cellular $329 $359



There is no one solution that works for everyone when it comes to timepieces or technology in general. It basically boils down to what each individual needs. Even if your use case may not be at all similar to mine, at least you now have a clearer understanding of what you would get from each. In the Apple Watch 42 vs 44 mm it is clear that the 42mm models found on the Apple Watch Series 1 through Apple Watch Series 3 have been replaced by the 44mm model, which is the largest Apple Watch in the SE series. The model with the most official bands is this one.

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