Here is how you can clear Snapchat cache on your iPhone or iPad and get some free storage.

Another day, another amazing tutorial to share with you guys on my very new blog which I have made for iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac users around the globe. Here’s a free method using which you can get some free space on your device.

In this modern world, every adult is using Snapchat for sharing stories with a little caption on it. It can be a picture or a video with a caption, what ever. There are couple of filters are available on Snapchat which gives some suitable look to the selfie or scene. When a user load a filter it stores within the App under cache. It is useful because next time when you want the filter it will load 2-3 seconds. So when you are using Snapchat from a long time and just noticed that Snapchat is taking giga bytes of space on your device then you are the right place where I am sharing a very quick method to get some free space on your device by deleting this cache.

Now, make sure that this cache vary from device to device or the number of filters you have downloaded within Snapchat. Do not worry, it will not delete any kind of text, image, or video within chat you have saved manually. So, if you are ready to clear Snapchat cache on your device follow the given steps.

Clear Snapchat Cache on iPhone or iPad:

  1. At the very first, Open Snapchat and Click on Gear icon.
  2. Scroll and go to Clear Cache under Account Actions section.
  3. Hit Clear All double time and enjoy free space.

To clear all cache on your device, Snapchat will Exit and you can reopen and check for the cache again on your device. I am really sure about that it will be near Zero MB. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try on your iPhone or iPad.

That’s all for today. For more tutorials on iPhone, iPad, Watch or Mac keep visiting our blog. We only share what you are looking for over Search Engine.


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