Here is how you can make a complete backup of your iPhone or iPod using macOS Catalina running on your iMac, iMac Mini or Macbook.

Another day, another tutorial to share with you guys. This tutorial is short but covers all the information you are looking for. I am going to share the easiest way with you using which you can create a backup of your iPhone or iPad completely. You can save this backup for later use.

So if you have updated your Macbook to macOS Catalina then you need to know how you can create a backup of your iPhone/iPad. With the macOS Catalina update, Apple have changed many things like the major change is that of separation of Apple Music, Podcasts and iTunes is no more. When you want to sync your iPhone or iPad there is a separate location available. Check how you can use finder on macOS Catalina to make a backup of your iPhone or iPad.

Create a Backup of iPhone/iPad on macOS Catalina

Before proceeding next, make sure your Mac have enough space to make a complete backup of your device. You can check the storage by Clicking on Apple Logo at the right corner then go to About this Mac > Storage. If there’s enough storage available, go and create a backup.

  1. At the very first, Connect your iPhone/iPad using cable.
  2. Under Locations in Finder, Tap on YOUR device name.
  3. Now go to General Tab for more options like in iTunes.
  4. Under Backups selectbackup all the data on your iPhone/iPad to this Mac“.
  5. Now, hit Backup Now button on the screen.

Finally, macOS Catalina will start creating a backup of your device. You can check the progress by looking at your device name under locations. There’s a little circle which gets fill as the time pass. There’s not any same progress bar available on Mac. But, if you are doubtful you can still use iTunes to make a backup of your device.

When you want to Restore this backup to your newer device or somewhere else, just hit Restore Backup button, choose the backup, if different backup are available. It will start restoring the backup.

That’s all for today. If you need any help regarding iPhone, iPad or Mac join our discord and send a message. Signing out, Peace.


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