How to recalibrate your iPhone 11 or 11 Pro Battery?

iphone peak performance capability

Your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max’s battery health reporting system will be updated by the battery recalibration tool. It is in iOS 14.5 calibration to recalibrate its maximum battery capacity and peak performance potential.

Users of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro may experience unexpected battery loss and even decreased peak performance due to a problem in iOS 14.5 and lower.

Although these concerns could suggest a battery issue, it is not the actual situation. In order to address the problem, Apple is changing its algorithm for calculating battery capacity and calibrating the batteries in the iPhone 11 pro battery series.

iPhone Battery Calibration

Apple unveiled a new procedure for updating the battery health information on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max with the introduction of iOS 14.5. In order to resolve erroneous battery health reporting that some users have experienced, the update recalibrates the maximum battery capacity and iPhone peak performance capability on iPhone 11 models.

Unexpected battery drain behaviour and, in some situations, decreased peak performance capability are symptoms of this defect, however these problems should be resolved once the update has been applied.

Steps to Calibrate iPhone 11 Pro Battery Capability

  • Please be aware that this process will not help your battery health readings if you are using a model that is not listed above. To accomplish this, you must install an iOS update:

Simply updating your iPhone to iOS 14.5 or later by navigating to Settings -> General -> Software Update is all that is required. If iOS 14.5 is already installed on your iPhone, you can skip this step.


  • Open the Settings app and navigate to the iPhone11pro Battery section once you’re finished.
  • Then click the “Battery Health” button that is placed above your battery graph.
  • You can find an essential battery message here, at the top. It attests to the recalibration of your iPhone’s peak performance and maximum battery capacity. To read more about it, access a support page by tapping on “Learn Mode.
    Here, everything pertaining to how to reset battery health on iPhone ends. The next step is for you to simply wait. Simply wait for at least two weeks or longer. All there is to it is that.We requested that you wait since, as noted in the crucial battery alert that is already displayed in Step 5. The iOS 4.5 battery recalibration procedure takes a few weeks to complete. As a result, you can examine the condition of your battery to see if the maximum capacity measurement has changed after around two weeks in peak performance capability.You’ll receive the battery service message if the iPhone 11 pro battery health reporting mechanism continues to show that your battery health has considerably declined. The only option to remove this notice at this time would be to calibrate iPhone battery.Despite this, Apple acknowledges that the recalibration might not always be successful. If this occurs to you, you might be eligible for a free battery replacement from an Apple Authorized Service Provider, restoring your device to optimal or peak performance capability with maximum capacity.

    Why shouldn’t you calibrate iPhone battery?

    A myth surrounds battery calibration. Today, it certainly may be the case. It is a holdover from advice given for earlier nickel-based batteries. However, adjusting the lithium-ion battery in your iPhone or iPad as iOS 14.5 battery recalibration is not a smart idea. When we refer to calibrating a battery, we mean fully charging it before completely discharging it. It is hoped that by doing this, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod would learn how much power the battery is capable of storing, enabling it to make the most of it which is called iPhone peak performance capability.

    Apple used to advise you to calibrate iPhone battery or your device’s battery once per month. They no longer do. These days, calibrating the battery in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod is not only unnecessary but also outright harmful.


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