How To Set Up An AirTag

how to set up an airtag

Apple’s brand-new Bluetooth trackers, called AirTags, make it simple to locate your bags, keys, or anything else you connect them to. Simply connect up an AirTag with your iPhone, and you can use Siri (AI Robot) to find it, have it play a loud sound, or view its location on a map. Additionally, AirTags now include a Precision Finding feature that uses an arrow to point to the location of the AirTag, making it even simpler to locate your stuff.

In this article, we have discussed the methods for locating an AirTag and how to activate Lost Mode when it disappears.

How to Set Up an Apple AirTag

Pull and remove the tiny plastic tab to activate the battery before configuring an AirTag. Next, place the AirTag next to your iPhone and select Connect. Finally, press Done after giving your AirTag a name and connecting it to your Apple ID.

Your iPhone must be running iOS 14.5 or newer in order to set up and locate an AirTag. For more information, see our detailed instructions on how to upgrade your iPhone.

1- Your AirTag’s tab should be pulled out

Your AirTag should make a sound as soon as you remove the battery tab.

2- Bring the AirTag up close to your iPhone

Press the power button on the side of your iPhone once to lock your screen if your iPhone doesn’t immediately recognize your AirTag. Next, unlock your iPhone and place it once again next to your AirTag.

Ensure that Bluetooth, WiFi, Find My, and Location Services are all turned on if you are still unable to connect to your AirTag. You can take the battery out of your AirTag by rotating the back counterclockwise if the device is still having trouble connecting. When you hear a sound, insert the battery and press down.

To restore your AirTag to factory settings, carry out this procedure a total of five times, or until you hear a different noise.

Tap “Connect

3- Give your AirTag a name

You can select a name from the list or select Custom Name to come up with your own.

You can select a custom icon or emoji if you give your AirTag a custom name. Your AirTag will be given a pre-set icon if you select one of Apple’s pre-set names.

4- Click “Continue” to sign up

If you are not signed in to your Apple account on your iPhone, check out this article from Apple and then tap Continue to register your AirTag with your Apple ID.

Then select Done.

Once your AirTag is configured, you can find it in a number of ways using the Find My app.

Locate an AirTag

Open the Find My app on your iPhone to find your AirTag on a map. At the bottom of your screen, click the Items tab. Last but not least, select the AirTag you wish to track down to view its most recent location and a timestamp for its last sighting.

Get your iPhone’s Find My app open

Your iPhone already has this app pre-installed. Swiping down on your home screen and typing “Find My” into the search box at the top of the screen will help you find it.

Select the Items tab

This can be found at the bottom of your screen.

Select the AirTag you wish to find

Lastly, select the AirTag you want to find to display it on the map.

If your AirTag is within range of your iPhone or has recently been picked up by the Find My network, you will only be able to see its current location. Otherwise, you will just see the address of your AirTag’s most recent location, along with a timestamp.

You may also tap Directions > Go to get driving or walking directions to your item if your AirTags are out of range or your iPhone is an older model.

You can make your AirTag play a sound once you’re close to it so you can locate it by ear.

How to Play a Sound to Find Your AirTag

  1. Open the Find My application and select the Items tab to locate your AirTag by making it play a sound.
  2. After that, select the AirTag you want to find and hit Play Sound.
  3. Finally, after you locate your lost AirTag, tap Stop Sound.
  4. your iPhone’s Find My app should be opened.
  5. Next, select the Items tab.
  6. Next, pick the AirTag you want to find.

To finish, click Play Sound.

By tapping Stop Sound after you’ve located your lost AirTag, the sound can be turned off.

View additional information regarding an AirTag

You may access more information about an AirTag in the Find My app after registering it with your Apple ID.

Select the AirTag you wish to learn more about by tapping it after selecting Items at the bottom of the screen.

Attempt one of the following:

  • Check the battery’s charge: Below where the AirTag is located, a battery icon is shown. You can also check replacement instructions if the battery is running low.
  • The serial number can be seen: To see the serial number, tap the battery symbol.
  • Check out the firmware version: To view the firmware version, tap the battery icon.

You can also find some guide videos on YouTube for How to set up an AirTag. The steps are short and easy. Learn them for once and you are all good to go!

Disclaimer: There has been debate concerning the use of AirTags for tracking purposes by individuals with bad intentions. In order to prevent stalking, Apple enhanced AirTag’s anti-stalking safety features, and iOS 16 will introduce Safety Check, which will allow users to rapidly revoke access to sensitive information, such as passwords, locations, and other data, that has previously been authorized.

That’s all for today. Let us know in the comment box if you have any questions concerning Apple’s AirTags. Also, you can join our Facebook Group for discussion and daily tips. Keep visiting our blog for more iPhone, iPad, or Mac solutions.



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