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moft snap on stand review

Here is a complete buyer’s guide on Moft Snap On Stand & Wallet. Also, check reason why you should buy this one for your iPhone.

Another amazing day, another blog post for iPhone users. If you are one who is looking for best MagSafe iPhone Wallets then you are the right place. Today, we are not going to talk about any other brand but just MOFT and their accessories.

Please note it is not a collaboration nor a paid review. I am just going to share something best with you guys because money is important for everyone. Personally I have spent too much money on trying Magsafe Compatible Wallets for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. So I hope you are going to like this blog post.

moft snap on phone stand & wallet

Few days ago I was looking for a Stand & Wallet for my iPhone again after trying Apple’s Official MagSafe Compatible Wallet & Spigen Smart Fold (Not Compatible with iPhone 12 Pro Max). On my Instagram I got an ad from Moft.us selling their MOFT Snap On  Stand & Wallet for iPhone. I finally got the one which I think is the best one ever. So, that’s why I am sharing a complete review on Moft accessory I recently bought randomly.

Why You Should Buy Moft Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet

Moft is one of the emerging and design award winning company. On their Website you can browse & buy accessories for your iPhone, iPad & MacBook. But today we are only talking about a classic phone stand & wallet which everyone should at-least try. I am not convincing anyone to buy this case but I am sure after checking the product features you are going to purchase it.

As the name ‘Snap-On Stand Phone Stand & Wallet’ suggests the meaning of a phone stand & wallet to carry your cards with you. Let’s come to the point and check out the features of this phone stand & wallet in brief.

1- Small, Classic & Powerful

At the very first I would like to talk about the design and size of this product. It’s one of the best MagSafe Wallet for iPhone because it’s just 5mm thick with 64mm x 98mm dimensions. It’s powerful because you can hold your iPhone with more grip.

2- Stand in Three Different Modes

This feature is one of the feature I bought Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet from Moft. Once you have attached this with your iPhone you can easily browse using Portrait Mode.

moft snap on phone stand & wallet portait mode

With the help of Landscape Mode you can easily watch videos and use it as a stand. The balance is so much accurate that you will feel so much comfortable while watching movies and videos.

moft snap on phone stand & wallet floating mode

Third Mode is Floating Mode using which you can adjust the screen for a video conference. Just put it on the table and sit relax. Since COVID-19 have changed the lifestyle so I think it’s a need now.

moft snap on phone stand & wallet floating mode

3- Carry Up To 3 Cards With You

If you have MOFT you don’t to have carry your wallet with yourself. You can use this product as wallet. Take your 3 important cards like Credit Card/Debit Card, Driving License or ID Card with yourself which are securely hidden and still easy to access them when you need them.

4- Premium Material & Classic Colours

When it comes to MOFT, they are making products with genuine materials. Snap-On Phone Wallet & Stand is made of Vegan Leather, Fiber Glass, Magnets & Iron Pieces. You will not regret buying a Smooth to Touch product.

moft snap on stand and moft snap-on wallet

Looking for a colour choice? Do not worry, it comes in 8 different colours which includes Sunset Orange, Hello Yellow, Oxford Blue, Night Black, Sienna Brown, Ash Grey, Windy Blue, and Classic Nude. I don’t think so you are still looking for another colour.

5- MOFT Stand-On Phone Stand & Wallet is MagSafe Compatible

At the last, MagSafe compatibility is very important & a needy feature. It’s a best choice for your iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. I am using this from last 2 months & grip is still same. Even, MagSafe Charging with Landscape or Floating Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions About MOFT Snap on Stand

1- Is MOFT RFID protected?

Yes MOFT is RFID Protected and your card is totally safe on the back of your phone.

2- How do you attach a MOFT phone stand?

There are two different versions available for MOFT Snap on Stand. You can buy adhesive or MagSafe magnetic one. Both are easy to attach.

3- Does MOFT work with a case?

Yes MOFT Snap On Stand also works with a case. But the case should be MagSafe supportive one. MOFT recommends to buy their MOFT Magsafe Case for better grip when it comes to use with a case.

To sum up, there are many others MagSafe Wallets for iPhone but most versatile MOFT Snap-On Phone Stand & Wallet is one of the cheapest with smooth material, 8 colour options, 3 stand mode, enhanced grip, 3 card capacity and very last MagSafe Magnetic Charging support.

That’s all folks? What are you waiting for? Go and Order one for your iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 13 Pro Max. Do not forget to give a feedback. If you still have any confusion just leave a reply and I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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