Top iOS 16 iPhone hidden features

Apple introduced iOS 16 and software updates for other Apple devices at WWDC 2022. The Lock Screen, which is now more customizable with widgets and even allows for notification stacking at the bottom of the screen, is one area where iOS 16 makes some groundbreaking improvements. However, iOS 16 brings about a number of positive iPhone hidden features that may have slipped your mind but deservingly demand your attention. Even though they are still in the beta stage, some of these iPhone hidden features are incredibly well-developed.

The top 10 iOS 16 iPhone hidden features

1. Verify and share the WiFi password

You want to share your Wi-Fi password with a visitor at your house but can’t remember it. No need to keep track of Wi-Fi passwords anymore! You may access and share Wi-Fi passwords whenever you want with iOS 16.

To share the wifi password, just do as follows:

  • Go to Settings and select Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the connected network.
  • Tap on Password on the following screen.
  • To share the password, tap Copy.

2. Enable the keyboard’s haptics

Before iOS 15, the only way to get haptic feedback on an iPhone was to download third-party keyboards like Gboard, etc. If you adore this function, you’ll be happy to learn that the iOS keyboard now includes haptic feedback, and here’s how to turn it on.

  • Launch Settings.
  • Go to Sound & Haptics.
  • Scroll down and tap on Keyboard Feedback.
  • Enable the Haptic option.

3. Recover deleted conversations in iMessage

Another hidden feature of iOS 16 is that you can retrieve deleted messages if you ever delete a message or a chat and need it at a later time. The Recently Deleted section in the iMessage app receives the deleted messages and can get you those messages back again.

Here’s how to go to iMessage’s Recently Deleted folder:

  • Launch the iMessage app.
  • At the top left, select Edit.
  • Tap on Show Recently Deleted.
  • Choose the chat from which you wish to recover the messages.

4. Change currencies using the camera

We typically use the internet to convert currencies. This approach can be chaotic, and time-consuming particularly if you’re traveling abroad. Instead of manually entering the currency values online, one of the iOS 16 hidden features allows you to convert currencies immediately from your camera.

Here’s how to use the iPhone camera to convert currencies in iPhone:

  • Open the camera and Point it towards the text.
  • In the lower right corner, tap the Scan icon to scan the amount and the currency.
  • Tap the Convert symbol in the bottom left corner when finished.
  • Get your currency converted.

5. Real-time translation via the camera

Another feature added to iOS 16 is the ability to translate text immediately from the camera. Be aware that sometimes the translations may not be perfect and can be hit or miss, but it still gets the job done.

To use Live  on an iPhone MagSafe is as follows:

  • Point the camera towards the text after opening it.
  • In the lower right corner, tap the Scan icon.
  • At the lower left, click the Translate icon.

6. Combine duplicate pictures

In iOS hidden features there is an option to combine the duplicate photos. To acquire the ideal shot, we frequently take several pictures of the same scene. The only function of these identical photographs remaining in the Photos app is to take up unnecessary storage space. Here’s how to merge duplicate photographs in the new Duplicate album that was introduced with iOS 16:

  • Launch Photos.
  • Go to the Albums section by navigating.
  • Select Duplicates as you descend the page.
  • Click Merge.
  • Select what you want, then press Merge X Duplicates to confirm.

7. Photos editing by copying and pasting

Presets may be known to those who have experience editing images or movies. Custom filters and edits can be applied to any image or video using presets. Presets help color grade pictures or movies in a way.

Here’s how to copy the same edits done to an image to another image in the Photos app with new iOS new features:

  • Launch Photos and choose the edited photo.
  • In the top right corner, tap the Three Dots.
  • Select Copy Edits.
  • Tap the Three Dots in the upper right corner of the image you want to edit and paste the text into.
  • Click Paste Edits to finish.
  • The chosen image now receives the same adjustments.


8. The New Spotlight search button can be turned on or off

In this portion of iOS 16’s hidden features, the iPhone’s Spotlight search can be accessed by swiping downward on the home screen. With the iOS 16 release, a secret spotlight search button has been added to the iPhone home screen. The page indication and Spotlight Search button are both located at the bottom of the Home Screen, above the dock. To make this active or inactive:

  • Launch Settings.
  • Tap Home Screen.
  • Enable Show on Home Screen.


9. Tap and hold a contact to delete it

On the iPhone, deleting contacts required a laborious process that required the user to access the editing option. That has been changed with iOS 16, and this is how to delete a contact on an iPhone more quickly in new iPhone features.

  • Open contacts.
  • Delete the contact by tapping and holding it.
  • It should be noted that the option to delete a contact is hidden when you search for it; this issue may be resolved with a software update.
  • Tap the contact while holding it.
  • Confirm your decision to delete the contact.


10. Turn off the lock to end a call

There are other cool iPhone hidden features such as: tapping the Power/Lock button to end a call. Calls may have been dropped on numerous occasions as a result of your unintentional touch of the power button. This functionality can now be turned off, and the steps are as follows:

  • Launch Settings.
  • Go to Accessibility in the menu.
  • Choose Touch.
  • Enable Prevent Lock to End Call

Each update of ioS is always all about innovative features. We tried to include the hidden features on iOS 16 that we found really creative. Yet, If there are any other iPhone features that you think we should have included in the article, kindly let us know in the comments below. We’ll make sure to add them to the list.

That’s all for today. Let us know in the comment box if you have any questions regarding the hidden features in iOS 16. Also, you can join our Facebook Group for discussion and daily tips. Keep visiting our blog for more iPhone, iPad, or Mac solutions.


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