How to Check iPhone Activation Date? [Free Method]

Check iPhone Activation Status

Planning to buy an older or used iPhone for yourself or maybe for someone else? Here is how you can check iPhone activation date or check date when iPhone was activated first time.

Another day, another amazing iPhone guide for users. This is just a basic tutorial for those who are actually going to buy an older or used iPhone. No matter when or from where you are buying though Amazon, Ebay or any other website like Craig-list. Before proceeding to direct guide it is important to share something more.

Why You Should Check iPhone Activation Date?

When it comes to buying a used iPhone you must ask the buyer for the Apple receipt. In most cases first owner never have the receipt. At this moment it comes to mind whether it’s a valid purchase from Apple or not? For this confusion, I have a solution for you.

On any iPhone, iPad or Mac just go to Check Apple Coverage Page and just enter the serial of device. At very first it shows you the Valid Purchase Date. If it’s a green light then authentic purchase from Apple.

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After checking the valid purchase you should check when the iPhone was first activated. Just follow this 2-3 guide & don’t get confuse when you are buying a used iPhone. This method is so much easy for everyone especially for those who are moving from Android to iPhone.

Check iPhone Activation Date Free

Now turning this guide into a method in which you will get iPhone Model, Apple Care, Warranty, iCloud Lock Status, Refurbished or Not, Demo Unit Status and Country of Purchase. Simply follow the free given steps below.

  1. At the very first, go to iPhone Settings > General > About and Copy Serial Number.
  2. On any browser just visit this webpage and enter the copied serial number in the field.
  3. Here you have complete details for your device you actually need. In all these details check the for Estimated Date of Purchase which tells the first day of activation.

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