Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Gets New Firmware

apple magsafe battery pack

What is Apple Magsafe? Well, Apple has updated the MagSafe Battery Pack’s firmware, which speeds up the charging of iPhones. This article describes how to update it so that you can take advantage of better performance. Apple updated the MagSafe Battery Pack’s firmware on April 20, 2022, increasing the maximum mobile charging power from 5W to 7.5W.

The improvement is at least similar to the quickest standard Qi charging speeds on the iPhone MagSafe, so it’s well worth updating even though it still doesn’t deliver the 15W charging speed that connected MagSafe accessories do.

How to Update your Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Firmware

There are some simple steps to update the iPhone MagSafe battery.

  • Verify the Firmware Version.
  • The first step is to confirm the firmware version that is installed on your MagSafe Battery Pack.
  • Connect a MagSafe-compatible iPhone to the MagSafe Battery Pack.8
  • Open the Settings application.
  • Press General.
  • Choose About, followed by Apple MagSafe Battery Pack.
  • The “Apple MagSafe Battery Pack” section’s bottom includes a list of firmware versions.
  • Version 2.7.b.0 is required to receive the 7.5W charging.

What to do with an older release Magsafe iPhone battery case?

If your device is not compatible with Apple Magsafe Battery Pack do not worry! Here’s what to do if your firmware is an older release.

Your iPhone MagSafe can have its firmware updated in two different methods. The simplest method is to attach it to the back of your apple macbook battery, and it will update automatically. However, Apple warns that this process could take up to a week.

The iPhone MagSafe Battery Pack can be connected to a Mac or iPad via a Lightning to USB-C cable for a second, quicker method of updating the software. The firmware update should only take a few minutes to finish after it is connected, providing the Mac or iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. You may start taking advantage of the faster on-the-go charging speed as soon as it is finished.

How does the iPhone MagSafe work?

The finest iPhone charging method available has always been Apple’s well-liked, if slightly ungainly Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, and it just got better. At least, that is the prevailing belief following a fresh firmware upgrade. Sadly, nobody is really sure what that update changed. MacRumors discovered the upgrade, which has a new version number of 2.5.b.0. If you’re curious, the prior version was 2.0.2c.0, though this won’t mean anything to anyone outside of iPhone MagSafe.

The same as with AirPods, there is no way to manually force a software upgrade here, so you will just have to wait for Apple to work its magic. Keep your magsafe iPhone connected to the charger and things should sort themselves out eventually.


Apple does not provide release notes for its software updates, which means we are unaware of any potential new features or bug fixes. Firmware updates are carried out covertly over the air. The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack firmware cannot be updated in a straightforward manner; nevertheless, it must be connected to an iPhone Magsafe for the update to start. A fantastic add-on designed to extend the battery life of your iPhone is the MagSafe Battery Pack. The white box adheres to the back of the iPhone and wirelessly distributes power by utilising the magnets employed by MagSafe iPhone. When connected to a power source, the convenient tiny box can charge an iPhone at 15W, matching the efficiency of existing MagSafe charging stations. The charging rate significantly decreases while the 2,000mAh battery is being used.

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